Since starting at the National Treasury, I have ceased updating this blog where I am working in an official, rather than in a personal or academic, capacity.


Longevity and Demography Workshop, Sydney, Australia (25th-26th July 2011)

Presenting new work on modelling longevity at this conference in Australia.  I am sure it will be worth the trip!

Imperial HOD meeting (21st June 2011)

Addressing the Heads of all departments at Imperial during lunch to showcase the research going on at the Business School.   

Tesco Pension Fund Trustees Away Day (28th June 2011)

Have been invited to address the trustees of Tesco's UK pension fund at their annual away day.  Other speakers include Steve Webb, current pensions minister.  Looking forward to meeting them all.

Actuarial Profession's Risk and Investment Conference, Gateshead (20th June 2011)

Addressing a plenary session of this conference.  Hope the weather is good!  Speaking about NTA's. 

European NTA workshop, Budapest, Hungary (13th May 2011)

An opportunity to meet old NTA friends and exchange ideas about where to take the NTA project in Europe. 

Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland (21st April 2011)

I will present the latest NTA estimates for the UK to this audience.  Hopefully this year the volcano with the unpronounceable name will not rear it's beautiful head like it did last year!

EIT Stakeholder conference, Budapest, Hungary  (14th April 2011)

I am representing Imperial's Lifelong Health Project at this crucial meeting to try and secure EIT funding for ageing in 2012. 

Imperial College Business School Internal Research Fest  (13th April 2011)

I am speaking about the latest UK NTA estimates and applications for an internal, Imperial College Business School audience.

Employee Benefits Seminar: Auto-enrollment (22nd March 2011)

I am participating in a round-table on auto-enrollment into pension schemes, to be reported in Employee Benefits magazine.   Unfortunately, I was ill on this day and so unable to participate.  :(

Bank of England (15th March 2011)

I am participating in a workshop held at the Bank of England investigating the issue of bank equity capital. 

King's College Finance Society (24th February 2011)

I am presenting to King's College Finance Society on the implications of the financial crisis for pension funds in the UK. 

IPPR Roundtable on Public Sector Pensions with Lord Hutton and Joanne Segars (7th February 2011)

I am participating in a roundtable on risk sharing in public pensions at the Institute for Public Policy Research. 

Presentation at the Treasury (27th January 2011)

 I am presenting the latest UK NTA estimates at the Treasury.  Many thanks to Angus Armstrong for organising this.

ABI Roundtable on Public Sector Pensions with Lord Hutton (2nd December 2010)

I am participating in a round-table on public sector pensions with Lord Hutton at the ABI.  

Seminar at Tor Vergata (26th November 2010)

I am presenting a seminar at the Department of Financial Economics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", first estimates of UK NTA's, as well as a comparison with other European NTA countries and a brief discussion of applications.

Seminar at the Oxford Institute of Ageing (18th November 2010)

I am presenting a seminar at the Oxford Institute of Ageing, first estimates of UK NTA's, as well as a comparison with other European NTA countries and a brief discussion of applications.

Publication of Book Review: Developments in the Economics of Ageing (5th November 2010)

My book review was published in the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance.  You can download it here

Attended the European NTA workshop in Stockholm, Sweden (29th October 2010)

I went to Stockholm for the first time to attend the European NTA workshop.  Met old-new friends, and saw Stockholm!  Wonderful.

Release of PPF Consultation on the fairness of the risk-based levy (7th October 2010)

A paper I co-wrote with Anthony Neuberger on assessing the fairness of the risk-based PPF levy has been released by the PPF.  See the link under "Policy research reports", under the research tab, for a copy.

18th Annual Gleneagles Conference, Gleneagles, Scotland (17th and 18th September 2010)

Speaking to this high-profile conference on pension regulation.  Not a bad venue, either!

Saver summit, National Treasury, Pretoria, South Africa (14th and 15th September 2010)

Invited by the Treasury to attend this conference on saving in South Africa.  With Jonathan Leape of CREFSA, LSE and others.  Nice to be home, if only for a few days!

Nihon University Population Research Institute, Tokyo (30th August 2010)

Invited to give a seminar here.  Was really great to meet old friends, including Profs Junichi Sakamoto and Naohiro Ogawa, as well Riki Matsukura.  What a wonderful experience, and what fantastic questions.

PPF Technical Advisory Group, London (June-July 2010)

Working on avaluating the fairness of the PPF levies.  Learnt a huge amount, including how to embed C++ programs into Excel.


41st Summer Seminar on Population, East-West Center, University of Hawaii (6th June-19th June 2010)

Attending the section of the workshop dealing with National Transfer Accounts, learned how to estimate them and made some great progress and some new friends.   Here is the video......


Academic seminar at University College Dublin  (15th April 2010)

Presenting the latest version of my paper on pension fund investment strategy (written with David Miles) at Smurfit School of Business, UCD.

Participation in RSA's "Tomorrow's Investor" project (23rd March 2010)

Participated in an expert seminar to understand how the pension system in the UK should look, as part of the RSA's "Tomorrow's Investor" project. 

Presentation to Network of European NTA Researchers, Max Planck Institute of Demography, Rostock, Germany  (25th and 26th February 2010)

With my colleague James Sefton.  The Baltic Sea in February.  Brrrr......


Presentation to Pension Research Group, Westminster University, London (19th February 2010)


I presented my work on guarantees to this workshop.  An interesting discussion with the audience, and nice to share a podium with Prof James Banks of UCL! 


Presentation to the Pension Regulator, Brighton (9th February 2010)

I presented my work on the UK pension funding regime to the pension regulator at their Brighton office.  A frank and, I think, productive, exchange of views!


Presentation to Hewitt Consulting Client Discussion Group, London (4th February 2010)

I presented my work on occupational pension scheme design to a group of large Hewitt clients.  Very interesting that there were so few areas of disagreement, and I was not nearly as controversial as I feared I might be!  Many thanks to my ex student Liam Mayne for organising.


Presentation to Netspar pension workshop, Amsterdam (28th January 2010)

I presented my work on investment guarantees in DC pension accounts to this conference.  Very interesting conference, including sessions with Mike Orszag and Larry Kotlikoff, many thanks to Netspar for hosting me.


Presentation to Conference on Risk Sharing in DC Pensions, University of Exeter (8th January 2010)

I presented my work on investment guarantees in DC pension accounts to this conference.  Overall thrust of my work is that pure guarantees are too expensive for individuals with standard preferences to purchase.


Presentation to High Performance Computing Group, Imperial College (6th January 2010)

I presented an overview of how I have been using the HPC at Imperial to solve life-cycle consumption-investment models, and how my work has been used.  The presentation was at an afternoon event to mark the launch of cx2, a new SGI Altix ICE 8200 EX system with 800 processor cores running at 2.93 GHz with 3 GBytes of memory per core.  Should be very useful!


Presentation to Risk Monitoring Group, PPF and the Pensions Regulator (16th December 2009)

I presented recent research to this group - which co-ordinates the risk management of the PPF and tPR - on the contribution behaviour of companies to their pension schemes in the US, and its implications for the UK pension funding regime.


Internal Research Seminar, Imperial College (4th December 2009)

I presented recent research on investment guarantees in DC pension schemes.


DWP Modeling Unit Conference (4th November 2009)

I attended a conference on income and consumption modelling organised by the Department for Work and Pensions. 


National Transfer Accounts Project (30th October 2009)

With my colleague at Imperial, Prof James Sefton, I have joined an international project with researchers from over 30 countries to calculate National Transfer Accounts (NTA's).   We will be responsible for the UK part of the project.  NTA's are a system for measuring economic flows across age at the aggregate level in a manner consistent with national accounting estimates. These flows arise primarily because of a fundamental feature of the economic lifecycle: children and the elderly consume more than they produce through their labor. NTA provides estimates of the components of the economic lifecycle and the interage flows that inevitably arise. The accounts distinguish the economic form of flows, transfers and asset-based flows and the institutions that mediate the flows, government and private institutions - most importantly the family. You can check out the website of the NTA project here or read further under the research tab on this website.


Publication of DWP Research Report 603 (29th October 2009)

The DWP research report on the economics of pension regulation that Anthony Neuberger and I wrote has finally been published by the DWP.  In the report, we examine the economic basis of the main features of current regulation (information, prudential regulation and product design), lay out the principles that we think should govern pension regulation, and use them to evaluate some new pension designs (conditional indexation, collective DC) in a UK context. You can download the report here from this website or download it directly from the DWP here.


PPF Technical Reference Group meeting (6th October 2009)

Am currently serving on the TRG of the PPF, looking at the determination of the levy formula for pension schemes


Interview for Mercer TV (11th September 2009)

Was interviewed for Mercer TV this morning, talking about the financial crisis and its effect on pension schemes.